Tech Tip: Common Points of Reservoir Contamination

November 22nd, 2010

Have you ever had a contaminated reservoir but you just didn’t know why? For today’s article I’d like to share the most common ways reservoir fluid gets contaminated…

Wind Turbine Oil Reservoir with Desicant Breather Filter

Wind Turbine Gearbox Oil Reservoir

1. Plumbing – Contamination can enter anywhere fluid leaks out. If you minimize the amount of plumbing leaks, it will save you time and money by not having to frequently refill the reservoir. It will also reduce the cost of cleanup and disposal. Simply put, minimizing leaks reduces the possibility of particulate ingression.

2. Reservoir Breathers – Most reservoirs come equipped with a filler breather cap. This type of breather is actually not effective in removing airborne contamination. Ideally, all airborne moisture should be removed, so any air entering the reservoir should be properly filtered. And remember that it’s essential that the desiccant breather filter is sized properly.

3. New Oil – New oil can actually be one of the worst sources of particulate and water contamination. It is common for new oil drums to have moisture content upwards of 200 PPM and an ISO code of 25/22/19. Filtering oil before or filling the reservoirs will help prevent the introduction of contamination to your system.

4. Cylinders – Worn or damaged rod wiper seals, or pitted or gouged cylinder rods, allow an easy path for particulate and moisture to enter the system. If you fit the rod bellows to cylinders it may extend the life of the rod and wiper seals and also provide an extra barrier against the ingression of contaminants.

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