Coal Company Commands Custom Mobile Filtration Cart

April 1st, 2013

Ron called me and left a message on a Saturday afternoon. He was working for one of the world’s largest producers and suppliers of coal, with coal mines and preparation facilities all over the mid-Atlantic and mid-West regions. His company supplies thermal coal to electric utilities and the manufacturing industry. They also supply metallurgical coal for use in the production of steel. Ron just happened to be rather close to us, in western Pennsylvania. He seemed to know exactly what he needed for his project – a new portable hydraulic filter cart.

Aluminum Portable Filter Cart with Particle CounterRon had hydraulic reservoirs of varying capacities between 80 to 200 gallons. These were the reservoirs that had particulate contaminants which needed to be removed. Particulate in hydraulic systems can lead to a myriad of problems, such as accelerated abrasive wear, corrosion on metal surfaces, and bearing fatigue. Ron was looking for a portable filtration unit that was well-built, compact, light-weight, and capable of displaying ISO 4406 codes on a visual particulate counter, which was not possible with his current oil filtration system. He also wanted to be able to set up a dedicated side-loop system with hoses and wands that would allow him to service several machines.

I was initially skeptical of the potential to help out Ron since he had called on a Saturday, which is a bit out of the ordinary for this type of business. However, I decided to call him back that Monday morning to hear more about what he specifically wanted to do. After talking in depth about his application over the phone I ended up giving him a verbal cost estimate to build a custom filter cart. He seemed to think that it was a reasonable price as long as the machinery was high-quality and lasted a long time. The oil Ron needed to filter was very light weight (10W hydraulic), so I figured spin-on filters would be appropriate for his application. And since Ron specifically requested a unit with a particle counter, our SFC mobile filtration cart was a perfect fit for his application.

Particle Counter on Mobile Filtration CartAfter I sent Ron a formal quote for the SFC, he sent me back a few photos of the unit that he currently had in-house. I made sure to go over the advantages of the SFC portable filter cart versus what he already had on site. I specifically highlighted that our unit was built from light-weight aluminum and it was more compact, thus more portable than his current system. Our SFC unit also had it’s own sampling ports, and true differential pressure indicators. Our SFC unit is one of the best filtration carts out on the market today, and I was glad that he was able to understand and appreciate the value of such a heavy-duty filtration cart made in the USA. Ron initially purchased one SFC and just three months later he purchased another one! The final result? He left me with the following feedback, which says it all: “Beautiful piece of equipment…very well made” – Ron, happy PFP customer.

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