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Sunday, August 25, 2019  

Pressure Vessel with Filter Separator Elements

This is a two-stage, ASME code, vertical pressure vessel that uses coalescer separator filter elements. It is designed to filter solid contaminants and separate two immiscible liquids. It is ideal for applications in refineries, bulk storage terminals, heliports, airports (API 1581), and more.

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Model #: VCS-856-344

28" OD, Two Stage Filter Separator Pressure Vessel
Carbon Steel Construction
ASME Code, Section VIII Construction, Stamped and Certified

8"-150# Flange Inlet and Out Connections

4"-150# Cleanouts
1,200 GPM Flow Rate
Design Pressure: 275 PSI @ 140*F (max) -20*F (min) *
Final Hydrostatic Test: 357 PSI

Top Cover Configuration:
Swing Bolt Head Closure

1-1/2 Ton Hydraulic Jack

Skid Mounted or Leg Assembly:
Heavy Duty Leg Assembly

General Notes:
Approximate Dry Weight with Cartridges: 1,650 lbs.

Approximate Liquid Volume: 200 U.S. Gallons

Filter Cartridges:
Accepts (8) Coalescer Elements: CA56-3SB

Accepts (3) Separator Elements: SS644FD
Please contact PFP for additional element options.

* NOTE: Maximum operating pressure ratings are vessel ratings only. Safe operating temperature and pressure will depend on filter cartridge and gasket/o-ring used. For inquiries on compatibility, contact PFP.




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