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Sunday, August 25, 2019  

4HS35-3-4FK1 Multi-Cartridge Filter Vessel

525 GPM Flow Rate

Precision Filtration Products' 4HS35-3-4FK1 Vertical Multi-Cartridge Filter Vessel meets a broad range of liquid and gas applications for flow rates up to 525 GPM.

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Model #: 4HS35-3-4FK1

Multi-Cartridge Filter Vessel
304 Stainless Steel Construction
High Pressure Design

4" Flange Inlet and Out Connections

525 GPM Flow Rate
Max Operating Pressure: 300 PSI
Max Operating Temperature: 300 deg F

Top Cover Configuration:
Mechanical Davit Arm Assembly

Skid Mounted or Leg Assembly:
Heavy Duty Leg Assembly

General Notes:
Approximate Dry Weight: 640 lbs.

Filter Cartridges:
Accepts (35) 30" Double Open End or Single Open End Cartridges
Please reference PFP's MB-Series, Stringwound Series, and Resin Bonded Series for additional information.

*NOTE: Maximum operating pressure ratings are vessel ratings only. Safe operating temperature and pressure will depend on filter cartridge and gasket/o-ring used. For inquiries on compatibility, contact PFP.




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