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Tuesday, September 24, 2019  

Vacuum Dehydrator Oil Purification System

Looking for a Vac-U-Dry Oil Purification System? Check out our Vacuum Dehydrator Oil Purification System! It has the ability to develop high vacuum and high flow speed for dissolved water and gas removal. The Vacuum Dehydrators have a high negative-head capacity and are flexible with design dimensions and process arrangement. We will listen to your needs, then customize a vacuum dehydration system to your specific application!

This will help you meet or exceed your target ISO Cleanliness Codes!


  • VDOPS Vacuum Dehydrator Oil Purification SystemRemove Free and Dissolved Water
  • Flow Range of 5 GPM - 60 GPM (19 LPM - 225 LPM)
  • Visually monitor Fluid Condition through Plexiglas Windows
  • Industry's highest Vacuum and Water Removal Efficiency
  • High-Efficiency Particle Filtration
  • Low-Watt Density Heaters
  • Dimension and Arrangement Design Flexibility
  • Condensate Water Holding Tank
  • PLC Control Start/Stop with PPM Sensor (PPM display optional)

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