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Sunday, August 25, 2019  

SFC Pneumatic Filter Cart

SFC Pneumatic Spin-On Filter Cart
Flow Rate up to 49 GPM

SFC Gauges


Oil Sampling Ports

Oil Sampling Ports


Differential Pressure Indicator

True Differential Pressure Indicators

New oil is clean? On average new oil delivered from a drum has a cleanliness level of ISO cleanliness code of 22/21/19. Water content from new oil averages 200 to 300 PPM.

We also have Portable Filter Carts, Flushing Carts, Vacuum Dehydrators, High Velocity Filter Vessels, and many more for Rent or Purchase. Check out our Rental Page and Portable Filtration Page for more details.
PFC Pneumatic Cart
MultiCartridge Housing
Vacuum Dehydrator
Flushing Cart
Pigging Horizontal Vessels
Filter Panel

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