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Tuesday, September 24, 2019  

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Precision Filtration Products has a full line of standard and build-to-spec filtration systems for natural gas pipelines as well as multi-fuel pipelines. We offer particulate filters, clay treater filters, two-stage coalescers and separators, strainers, and natural gas filters. Installing pipeline filters prevents weld slag, pipe scale, dust, dirt, debris, and other particulates from damaging meters, regulators, and other sensitive pipeline equipment. We offer filters for permanent installation as well as emergency rental filtration equipment for pipeline pigging operations!

High-Capacity Filters
High Flow Rates
High Solids Loading
ANSI 150 lb.
ANSI 300 lb.
ANSI 600 lb.
ANSI 900 lb.
• ASME Code Stamp
• ANSI B-31.8 Compliant
• Pressure Ratings to 2,660 PSIG
• Flow Rates to 25,000+ GPM
• Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Construction
• Fast-Opening Closures on All Vessels
• Skid-Mounted Units Available (Easy transport for pipeline pigging!)

We offer standard and custom-fabricated filter elements designed to fit any filter vessel installed in a pipeline system. Our elements are available in natural fiber, synthetic, or stainless steel metal as a preference or according to your application requirements.

Natural Gas, Pipeline Filtration, High-Capacity Horizontal Filter Vessels

Installing our high-capacity filter vessels with a pig launcher can help remove debris and impurities introduced during a pigging operation. After the operation is complete, the vessels may be retained in the pig launcher.

We specialize in high-capacity, high-pressure filtration products. Our filtration products are the most advanced in the industry. We provide complete engineering services for filter vessels and pressure vessels, and we also provide custom manufacturing and private labeling of filters and filtration systems. Click this link to check out our high-pressure filter vessels!

We can also custom-engineer filter housings, coalescer units, and duplex systems. We can provide any type of system for just about any application!

Our fleet of rental filtration equipment includes filter housings designed for various flow rates, temperatures, pressure ratings and corrosiveness. We have single element or multiple element housings designed to hold bag, cartridge or string-wound elements. Whatever you need - we have the answer!


Bag Filter Vessels have a high solids holding capacity. These types of bag filtration systems can stand alone for sediment removal or they can be used in combination with other equipment. Sizes range from single-bag units to 7-bag unites. Both carbon steel and stainless steel constructions available. Bag Housing Filter Vessel | Pipeline Pigging & Filtration
Cartridge Filter Vessel | Pipeline Pigging & Filtration Cartridge Filter Vessels include single-element to 240-element sizes. Cartridge filter options include the following: pleated cartridges, meltblown, coalescers, separators, stringwounds, and more. Pressure ratings up to 300 PSI. Both carbon steel and stainless steel constructions available.
High-Capacity Filter Vessels are available from 275 PSIG to 2,220 PSIG. Smaller vessels and high-capacity cartridges for high flow rates are also available. These filter vessels are perfect for LPG pipeline pigging! High-Pressure Filter Vessel | Pipeline Pigging & Filtration

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