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Sunday, August 25, 2019  

Phoenix™ Membrane Oil Purifier

Phoenix Membrane Purifier

"An Oil Dehydrator as Simple to use as a Filter Cart"

The PHoenix™ Membrane Oil Dehydrator and Purifier is a simple and effective portable or permanent kidney loop filtration system that works offline or online to remove:

    • 100% Free WaterOil Samples
    • 100% Emulsified Water
    • Dissolved Water Below 50 ppm
    • Dissolved Gases
    • Particulate Below ISO 16/14/12

Fluid Types:

    • Gear Oils Up to 3000 cSt.
    • Hydraulic Oils
    • Lube Oils
    • EAL Fluids - PAG & PEG
    • Phosphate Ester (optional)

The PHoenix™ does not use disposable water absorbing filters that require constant changing. Instead it dehydrates water from the oil using a proprietary, maintenance free, hollow fiber technology, along with an online minature vacuum source, which has unlimited water removal capabilities.

The PHoenix™ is extremely portable and compact, so it can get into spaces normal dehydrators cannot. It also has very few moving parts compared to standard dehydrators. Its set and forget design makes it as simple and easy to use as a filter cart.

This versatility means that when it is not being used to remove water from contaiminated lube or hydraulic systems, it can be used as an oil transfer/filter cart. If supplied with the optional Aquatrex or MTrak moisture monitoring system, the PHoenix™ can also become a diagnostic tool for tracking intermittent water ingression into reservoirs and alerting operators of potential problems.

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Power Generation

  • Combustion Turbine Lube
  • Coal Mill Gear Boxes
  • Conveyor Gear Boxes
  • Boiler Feed Pump Lube
  • Windturbine Gear Boxes
  • EHC Control
  • ACC - WCC Gear Boxes
  • Scrubber Equipment Gear Boxes

Light Industrial

  • Oil Reclamation
  • Blow Molding Hydraulic
  • Machine Tool Hydraulic
  • Injection Molding
  • Automotive transfer line Hydraulic Oil

Fuels and Chemical

  • Drilling Equipment Gear Box Flushing
  • Extruder Gear Boxes
  • Compressor Lube
  • Boiler Feed Pump Lube
  • Offshore Drilling Platforms



  • Ship Board Hydraulic-Lube
  • Diesel Locomotive Gear Box
  • Transmission Systems

Pulp & Paper

  • Wet end/dryer lube
  • Press section lube and hydraulics
  • Boiler Feed Pump lube
  • Cooling Tower Gear Boxes


  • Military Equipment Hydraulics
  • Aircraft - Road Equipment


  • Conveyor Gear Boxes
  • Harvesting Equipment Hydraulic

Food & Beverage

  • Food Grade Hydraulic Oil
  • Conveyor Gear Boxes

Primary Metals

  • Roll mill gear and pinion lube


The Revolutionary Process:





  • Simple Design
  • Easy to use
  • Few moving parts
  • Small footprint
  • Very little maintenance required
  • Unlimited water removal
  • Autonomous
  • Extremely portable
  • Effective

*DISCLAIMER - Membrane operation diagram illustrative Membrane is not claimed to be defect free and very modest amounts of oil permeate over into vacuum side. Any effects of this are minimized by system design and oil dehydration is not effected!


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