Precision Filtration Products - Industrial and Commercial Filters and Filtration Systems
Sunday, August 25, 2019  

All Purpose Housing

All purpose filter housings and vessels for industrial applications.

21 and 22 Series Filter Housings The housings are designed for 150 PSI maximum working pressure on liquid flows up to 50 GPM (189 LPM), or 180 SCFM on air or gas.

100 Series High Pressure Housings An economical, compact housing that can be adapted to serve as either a filter, liquid filter separator or air/gas entrainment separator depending upon the cartridge(s) selected to meet the application requirements.

SuperFlex Housings Facet SuperFlex housings are small, economical, carbon steel housings that may be used as filters, filter separators or air/gas separators depending on the cartridges used. Stainless steel construction is available.

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