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Gulfgate Equipment Filters, Parts, & Service

Gulfgate Equipment Filters | Precision Filtration Products

Precision Filtration Products offers affordable replacements for Gulfgate Equipment filters and filtration systems, such as Oil Purifiers, Particulate Vessels and Carts, Lube Oil Systems, Vacuum Dehydrators, and many more! We also offer replacement filter elements, spare parts, and service for Gulfgate Equipment currently in service.

PFP offers a wide product line of standard and custom oil purification systems, including a large filter rental fleet available to fit your needs. We are able to offer high-quality oil purification equipment and authorized ASME Code filter vessels. The VDOPS Vacuum Dehydrator Oil Purification System represents just one of the filter systems in our extensive line of filtration products.
Gulfgate Equipment Insulating Oil Purifier System

Using methods of dehydration, degasification, and removal of particulate matter or other contaminants, the HV-Series High-Vacuum (Hi-Vac) cleans and upgrades your electrical insulating fluids.

Gulfgate Equipment Insulating Oil Purifier System

The LV-Series Low-Vacuum (Lo-Vac) oil purification systems function to remove water, gases, and light hydrocarbons from oil. These types of oil filtration systems have been used effectively in many applications, such as power plants, transformers, ammonia compressors, estrusion plants, steel mills, paper and pulp mills, petrochemical plants, refineries, chemical plants, injection plants, machinery manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, and many more.

These versatile industrial vessels are used in various fuel, oil, and other petrochemical applications from flow ranges from 1 GPM to 3,000 GPM.
Gulfgate Filter Vessel Separator Vessel

The GFS single stage filter separator system is designed for rapid and effiecnt removal of water and solids from jet fuel to kerosene. They are ideal lower flow applications. GFS-251 series are compact, lightweight, and handle flowrates up to 150 GPM, while the GFS-242 series are generally larger, heavier and can handle flows of up to 1,400 GPM.

Gulfgate Filter Vessel Separator Vessel

The GFS-252 Two-Stage Filter/Separator is a compact all steel unit for all applications that fall into the field of light viscosity, low density, and high interfacial tension liquids. The vessel was designed the most efficient removal of water and solids from fuels, using the coalescing and gravity settling principles.
Gulfgate Filter Vessel Separator Vessel Gulfgate Tore Turbine Oil Reclaimer | Coalescing System

With flow rates from 2 GPM to 140 GPM, and variable flow rate, the Turbine Oil Reclaiming Equipment (TORE) series are designed using TOPS (Turbine Oil Purification System), which combines rapid water removal and polishing characteristics of vacuum oil purifiers to obtain maximum turbine oil system cleanliness.

Gulfgate Lube Oil Purification System

LS Series Lube Oil Systems
Model 831 lubrication systems feature a quick and easy to change filter elements, it prevents oil breakdown - saving on production losses and the associated cost of bearing replacement, among other desirable features of a system. It has been used in many fields including the paper, rubber, textile, machine tool, metal rolling, and associated industries.

The SYS Series includes a broad range of custom and standard units manufactured custom solutions: from pumping stations and flushing skids to stand-alone heating systems.

Gulfgate Fuel Separator

Fueling Series / Fuel Separators
PFP offers replacements for high-performance filter cartridges that cleans dry fuels and oils for aircraft and helicopter refueling systems and other offshore refueling systems.

Gulfgate Filter Elements

Filter Elements
Precision Filtration Products supplies and offers brand name and high quality cost-effective OEM replacement elements for various brands for all applications. A few examples of what we offer are pleated filter elements, high efficiency microglass elements, hydraulic filters, absorbant clay filters, water absorbant filters, and oil absorbant filters & string wound elements.

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