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Tuesday, September 24, 2019  

Fluid Conditioning Equipment & Filters

Precision Filtration Products offers a wide variety of standard and custom oil purification systems including a large fleet of rental filtration equipment available to meet your needs. We offer various types of systems, such as vacuum dehydrators, portable filter carts, and permanent filtration systems for off-line operations.

In environments where contaminated lubricants can grind machinery to a halt, clean storage and handling of lubricants is essential. Our line of fluid conditioning equipment will help maintain the integrity of your fluid circulating systems and offer a proven way to save you money and keep your equipment running longer.


Automotive Chemical Coatings Compressor / Turbine
Food & Beverage Machining Photographic Plastics
Power Generation Pulp & Paper Steel & Aluminum Electronic
Pharmaceutical / Bioprocessing Refining
Vacu-Dry Vacuum Dehydrator | Precision Filtration Products

Our vacuum dehydrators are designed to remove water, light end gases, and solid contaminants from industrial oils. Remove free and dissolved water down to 20 PPM with a vacuum dehydrator. Standard flow rates range from 5 GPM to 60 GPM (~19 LPM to 225 LPM).

Portable Filter Cart | Precision Filtration Products

We provide a full range of portable filtration systems to meet every critical industry filtration need. Our carts are ideal for use in industrial plants and in other filter applications because of their versatility and reliability. They are used where hydraulic fluids, insulating oils, lubricating oils, and coolants are found.

Permanent Filter Unit| Precision Filtration Products

We offer dedicated filtration systems for gearbox and side-loop reservoir conditioning. It can be used to filter the oil to several ISO cleanliness codes below your required levels, and can be used to remove water contamination.

SFP_Panel Norman Filter Panel | Precision Filtration Products

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