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Tuesday, September 24, 2019  

Aviation & Hydrocarbon - Fuel-Water Separator Filters & Equipment

Precision Filtration Products works with the leading API-approved manufacturers to offer a complete line of filter products for the aviation industry to ensure that clean, dry fuel is provided every step of the way, from the refinery to the wing tip.

Some of the aviation products that we offer include the following:

Micronic Pre-Filters Used upstream of a separator filter to extend the life of the coalescer and separator cartridges.
Clay Treaters Used in multi-product pipeline installations, and wherever surfactant-laden fuel or discolored fuel is a problem. Filter Bags, filter canisters, and removable bundle designs are available.
Fuel Water Separator Vessels & Housings Comply with the latest commercial and military specifications (e.g. API 1581, MIL F 8901, DEF 49/3)

Horizontal: 50 GPM to 1,800 GPM
Vertical: 50 GPM to 4,800 GPM

Fuel Filter Separator Coalescer Cartridges
Coalescers:  Rod-mount and screw base.
Separators:  Synthetic and pleated paper.
Fuel Monitors Water absorbent elements. Available in 2" and 6" diameters meeting latest IP 1583 Specifications. Also available are the patented Posi-stop PS "-2" fuses.
Sump Cartridges 30-gallon and 50-gallon standard - with or without motors. Valving for return to storage.
Oil-Water Separators Above-ground and below-ground units that utilize proprietary coalescing plate technology.
Amine Glycol Filtration Our amine and glycol filtration cartridges effectively remove tough gel, agglomeration, iron sulfide, heat degradation, and emulsion contaminants.
FCC Slurry Oil Filtration

Precision Filtration Products offers solutions to filter the slurry oil to reduce its solid content to an acceptable level. The filter slurry oil can be solid as fuel oil or feedstock. PFP provides an optimized filter medium construction designed specifically for slurry gas applications.

Aviation Pipeline Presentation

Our Basics of Aviation Fuel Filtration Presentation goes over the importance of fuel quality according to the latest API/EI Standards

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