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Amine Glycol Contamination Filters
Amine Contamination Filtration | Precision Filtratoin Products

Amine Filtration System | Precision Filtratoin Products

 The wrong filter can lead to BIG and COSTLY problems...

  • frequent element change-outs
  • frequent replacement of activated carbon due to hydrocarbons
  • refining capacity limited due to poor quality amine
  • contactor and regenerator foaming
  • contactor and regenerator flooding
  • contactor and regenerator fouling
  • contactor and regenerator higher pressure drop (and therefore higher energy usage)
  • higher amine loss (causing increased amount of make up amine)
  • off-spec treated gas
  • heat exchanger fouling
  • increased corrosion rates
  • formation of heat stable salts
  • pump seal failures


Remove Contaminants From Amine




Amine Filter Cutaway Cross-Section | Precision Filtration Products

Amine Filter Cross-Section
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Our amine and glycol filtration cartridges effectively remove tough gel, agglomeration, iron sulfide, heat degradation, and emulsion contaminants.

They utilize a state-of-the-art technology with simultaneous axial, radial, and helical flow patterns plus three complex filter zones. The filters exploit the effective surface areas of up to eight different media. They contain millions of carefully selected fibers, so all filtration mechanisms are at work, including sieving, impaction, and diffusion.

Our amine glycol filters are engineered to deliver long on-stream service with low differential pressure and outstanding contaminant removal. With the product you absorb hydrocarbons without blinding, according to its manufacturer.


Amine Contamination Filtration Chart | Precision Filtration Products

Amine Filtration Comparison
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Big Problems Cost Big Money

  • Rich amine filtration problems limit refining capacity
  • Foaming towers cause premature flooding
  • Increased amine losses with the gas leaving the contactor
  • Increased amine make-up cost
  • Increased energy usage in the regenerator
  • Reduced tower efficiency
  • Off-spec treated gas to the fuel gas
  • Increased burner tip maintenance
  • Environmental repercussions
  • Sulfur recovery catalyst damage
  • Higher maintenance cost due to corrosion
  • Increased waste disposal cost due to additional amine losses
  • Increased cost for more frequent activated carbon replacement
  • Frequent element changes cost time and money
Amine Filtration Process

Our amine and glycol filter utilizes a patented technology developed for extreme and rugged applications, such as filtering amine and glycol. This unique product contains three complex filter zones (see Amine Filter Cross-Section, above). Zone 1 contains as many as four engineered filter media that are interlaid in a conical helix structure, creating radial, axial, and helical flow patterns that trap large particles and absorb immiscible hydrocarbons. Zone 2 (the shock zone) is the anular pocket between Zones 1 and 2. This area creates a dynamic shock that kinetically challenges contaminants and rectifies the fluid flow as it enters the final zone of filtration. Zone 3 is constructed of as many as four engineered filter media with smaller fibers that are designed to trap the smallest and most elusive targeted contaminants.

Our amine filtration system goes to the extreme. By exploiting the effective surface areas of up to eight different media and millions of carefully selected fibers, all filtration mechanisms are at work including sieving, impaction, and diffusion. This unique structure creates multiple filtration dimensions, such as simultaneous axial, radial, and helical flow patterns and shock zones. This extraordinary product challenges the most extreme contaminants, and is engineered to provide longer on-stream life with low or differential pressure and greater contaminant removal capabilities than similar products.

Amine Filtration Process
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Absorbs Hydrocarbons Without Blinding


Our amine filters have a depth-style cartridge with gradient density layers that have been custom-designed for amine service. This means that larger contaminants will be retained by the outer layers while the smaller contaminants will be blocked at the inner layers. This construction allows hydrocarbons and other deformable contaminants to migrate through the element media and be trapped within one of the three Filtration Zones (see Amine Filter Cross-Section, above) without premature plugging. Therefore, you achieve optimal contaminant loading!

Amine Filtration Results
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Pleated vs. PFP's Amine Filter

If you want cleaner amine...

  • To reduce foaming and other problems with towers in your amine unit
  • To extend the time between element changes
  • To capture and retain shear sensitive deformables and contaminants common to amine
  • To extend the life of your carbon bed
  • To reduce the pressure drop over the life of the elements

And your conditions meet the following:

  • Using a 6" x 39" element with 226 double O-ring seals
  • Amine temperature <180* F
  • Filter rating is between 1 and 100 microns
Amine Filter Pressure Drop
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