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Tuesday, September 24, 2019  
Air, Gas, Liquid Filtration System
Air, Gas, Liquid Filtration System
Air, Gas, Liquid Filter

Air, Gas, and Liquid Filters & Filtration Systems

Precision Filtration Products offers air, gas, and liquid filters and filtration systems for applications in the chemical, petrochemical, utilities, general manufacturing, pharmaceutical, electric, automotive, fertilizer, glass, food and beverage industries. Our unlimited resources and combined years of experience enable us to offer a complete line of filters designed to meet your most stringent requirements.

We work directly with the leading manufacturers of filtration systems for air, gas, and liquids in the business. This allows us to offer the right filtration system to fit your needs at a competitive price. A broad range of industries depend on our filters and filtration systems to protect both equipment and processes.

We offer custom-designed and custom-manufactured air intakes, compressed air/gas filters, and liquid filters. Our top-quality industrial filters are designed for gas production, natural gas pipelines, chemical and petrochemical processing, as well as power plants / power generation.

We provide pressure vessels for air, gases, and liquids that comply with globally recognized standards, such as the following:

  • BS5500 - United Kingdom
  • STOOMWEZEN - The Netherlands
  • CODAP / SDM - France
  • TUV - Germany
  • PED (97/23//EC) - United Kingdom and European economic area

Available Applications

Air Filtration - The primary functions of air filters are to capture a wide range of particle sizes as efficiently as possible and then hold on to those contaminants without limiting intake air flow.

Liquid Filtration - Liquid filters are designed to remove impurities that occur in liquids, both from natural and unnatural sources. Liquid filters are used to clean or purify a product or extend the life of the piping by removing corrosive materials that induce erosion.

Gas Filtration - We provide gas filtration and purification solutions for items such as sampling systems, analyzer applications, and process gases protection.

Industrial Filtration - Precision Filtration Products supplies a complete line of filtration/separation equipment for processing industrial fluids, machine tool coolant, oil/water mixtures, and air/gas mixtures. Our industrial filters achieve filtration and separation of two immiscible liquids, as well as filtration and separation of liquids from air/gas

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