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Tuesday, September 24, 2019  

Filters & Filtration Products

Filters for all commercial and industrial applications!

Precision Filtration Products supplies original equipment manufacturer (OEM) filters and direct interchanges for all name brands of commercial and industrial filtration products. We can provide you with any of the major filter brands and replacement filter elements at significant savings for all liquid, gas, and air filtration applications, including but not limited to the following:

Air Filters We offer all types of air filters, including standard HEPA Filters, custom HEPA Filters, blower filters, compressor filters, compressed air filters, coalescer filters, air intake filters, exhaust filters, oil mist eliminator filters, vacuum pump filters, and much more. We also offer a wide variety of air filters for special applications, including paint over-spray collection, lint and ink mist collection, combustion turbine intake air filters, gas phase adsorption, and dust collection.

Dust Collectors All of our dust collectors and custom dust collector filters are designed to meet or exceed O.E.M. specificiations. We offer replacement cartridges for all of the major dust collector manufacturers, pulse-jet collectors, dust filter cartridges, and dust collector bags for gas turbine manufacturers.

HVAC Filters We can supply you with options from the largest manufacturers of commercial, residential, and industrial HVAC filters and HVAC filtration systems. We offer products in every category of HVAC filters - everything from disposable panel filters, to pleated filters, HEPA filters, and high-efficiency extended surface filters.

Liquid Filters We provide all types of ways for you to achieve your target ISO cleanliness codes, including process water filters, waste water filters, carbon filters, hydraulic oil filters, coolant filtration, lube oil filters, petroleum blending and refining systems, amine glycol filters, coalescing filters, clay bags, clay canisters, pipeline filters, strainers, and fuel-water separators.

Gas Filters Our inventory includes fuel gas filters, vent probe filters, API filters, pipeline filters, process gas filters, vent filters, coalescing filters, separator filters, IP filters, natural gas filters, LPG filters, combustion filters

Custom OEM Filters We can make to your specification just about any filter, including panel filters, disc filters, elements, cartridges, HEPA, coalescing filters, air, liquid, water, obsolete filters, strainer filters, custom-designed filters, pleated filters, synthetic filter media, molded-end, metal-end, and custom packaging (private labeling)

Aviation & Jet Fuel Filters We work with the leading API-approved manufacturers to offer a complete line of products for the aviation industry to ensure that clean, dry fuel is provided every step of the way - from the refinery to the wing tip.

Industrial Filters We have a complete line of full-scale filtration systems and equipment for filtering and processing all types of industrial fluids, such as coolant, oil-water, air-gas, immiscible liquids, hydraulic oil, petroleum, fuel, and more.

Complete Filtration Systems We offer permanent filtration systems for air, gas, and liquid applications in all types of industries, including chemical, petro-chemical, power generation, general manufacturing, pharmaceutical, electric, automotive, fertilizer, glass & plastic, as well as food & beverage.

Surge & Pulsation Control Filters We provide the highest quality industrial pulsation & surge control products, such as surge suppressors, pulsation dampeners, and bladder accumulators!

Lubrication & Hydraulic Filters We supply filtration products for all types of lubrication and hydraulic applications, such as suction filters, suction strainers, pressure filters, return filters, pilot line pressure filters, hand-held filter systems, duplex high-pressure, duplex low-pressure, high-flow systems, mobile filter systems, off-line filters, breathers, and element upgrades for existing systems.

Oil Filters & Purifiers We have all the solutions needed for you to purify your oil and achieve your desired ISO cleanliness level, including custom manufacturing, standard oil purification systems, and vacuum dehydrators for all of your needs.

Mobile Filtration / Portable Filter Carts We offer a full range of portable filtration systems to meet your critical industrial need. Our portable filter carts are ideal for use in industrial plants, wind turbines, or any other location where space is limited. Our custom-made filter carts are extremely versatile and reliabile. You can use a mobile filter cart anywhere you have hydraulic fluids, insulating oils, lubricating oils, or machinery coolants in order to accomplish your desired level of fluid cleanliness.

Plastics Filters We provide filtration products for injection molding, extrusion, thermoforming, and blow-molding for foreign and domestic equipment used in the plastics industry.

Industrial Fasteners Although not directly related to filtration, we also have an entire array of industrial nuts, bolts, and screws in both standard and metric sizes, as well as other custom sizes in just about any material, ready to meet your needs!

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